Approval of educational documents

Nostrification is a procedure for recognizing documents on higher and postgraduate education received on the territory of foreign states. Nostrification allows you to establish the level of equivalence of education documents to the corresponding level of education in the Russian Federation. Recognition and establishment of equivalence is confirmed by a special certificate, the issuance of which is carried out by the Federal State Scientific Institution "Glavexpertcenter" (Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science). Nostrafication includes examination, decision-making and issuance of a certificate.

Nostrification of a certificate with an application obtained in another state is necessary in order to enter a higher educational institution on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Nostrification of a diploma with an appendix obtained in another state is necessary in order to get a job or enter a higher educational institution to receive a second higher education in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Nostarification of educational documents will be required not only for foreign citizens who have come to Russia, but also for citizens of the Russian Federation who have received education abroad.

Recognition and establishment of the equivalence of documents on education is carried out at the request of the owner of the document or the organization concerned.

The following documents are attached to the application for establishing equivalence:

  • duly legalized document on education (original)

  • duly legalized supplement to the document on education (original) indicating the completed training courses and their volume, the final grades obtained, the list of practices, term papers and final qualifying works

  • notarized translation of the document on education or academic degree and its appendix

  • notarized translation of the identity document of the applicant (passport)

If necessary, the applicant may be asked for additional documents (detailing the description of the courses taken, information about previous education, etc.).

The decision to issue a certificate of equivalence is made on the basis of:

  • a positive conclusion on the recognition of a document on education

  • a positive expert opinion on the conformity of the content of education

  • compliance with the general requirements for the structure of education in Russia and in the country of issue of the document on education

  • international equivalence agreements and commitments signed and accepted by the Russian Federation

Nostrification takes approximately 2 months.

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