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Dichiarazione di Valore

You can study or work in Italy using the degree you received in Russia only after obtaining a Dichiarazione di Valore.

A Dichiarazione di Valore is issued after apostilling the original academic documents.

Италия To obtain a Dichiarazione di Valore, you must provide two photocopies of you academic documents made from the originals with an apostille stamp, two photocopies of these documents translated into Italian, a photocopy of the passport of the owner of the document. When applying for a Dichiarazione di Valore, it must be remembered that the full name in the translation must be the same as it is written in the passport of the owner of the document (if the surname did not change).

More information about the cost of services on affixing an apostille on original academic documents, and the cost of services on obtaining a Dichiarazione di Valore can be found here .


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