Technical translation

Moreover, we guarantee confidentiality of texts being translated. We charge moderate fees for our services. Technical translation consists of translation of highly specialized texts used for exchange of special scientific and technical information between people speaking different languages.

Below are kinds of technical translations we offer:

  • translation of technical and scientific articles for specialized publications

  • translation of technical descriptions

  • translation of instructions

  • translation of technical catalogs

  • translation of manuals on installation and commissioning of equipment

  • translation of drawings and diagrams

  • translation of specifications

Moscow-based translation agency, Impression, offers technical translations of any complexity and field. Our translation agency is committed to offering high quality technical translations and strictly within the prescribed deadline.

Technical translation is the most difficult kind of translation. It has so many peculiarities. On one hand, a technical translation must be performed with high accuracy and compliance with technical style, while on the other hand, it must comply with grammar and vocabulary rules. Translation of technical literature must have meaningful reliability, and be clear to understand. Inaccuracies in technical translations can lead to very serious consequences. Various technological processes may be violated, which may lead to damage to an equipment and may even endanger the lives of staff.

Therefore, there is a very big responsibility placed on a technical translator. A technical translator must not only have a good command of a foreign language, but must also have technical knowledge on the subject area. He must know specific terms and be able to express his thoughts competently and clearly. Moscow-based translation agency, Impression, pays strict attention when selecting technical translators. We select experts working in a specific industry to edit specific complex technical translations. We offer technical translations from most languages in the world under different subjects: mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, power engineering, petrochemical, refrigerating engineering and air conditioning, electronics, ecology, and many others. For translations from Russian into a foreign language, we select native speakers of that foreign language. If you want to translate a large amount of technical documents, or you have an urgent need for technical translation, we can involve several technical translators. This translation is subsequently edited by an editor bringing the translated texts into a single style and verifying the identity of application of highly specialized technical terms. Our translation agency offers a full range of translation services and typesetting of technical literature. If you want your translated technical document to be in the same form (format) as the original document, we are fully up to the task. Besides, our employees can use a text file to prepare a layout for printing of articles or catalogs in accordance with the requirements of publishing companies. You can find here an example of our technical translation of a catalog from English into Russian, followed by typesetting. Please, check our prices here .

You can send us a technical text of up to 1800 characters (with spaces) to assess the quality of technical translations performed by our company. We will translate the test free of charge. We have a solid experience in technical translations, providing translation services to large companies like Parmalat, Danfoss, and Russkie Gazony, and to small companies and private individuals. Impression offers a full range of services on translation, typesetting, and printing of technical literature. We can prepare a literature, translated into the required language, and in paper form.

Translation of drawings

One kind of translation of technical documents is the translation of drawings and specifications to them. Translation of drawings is often required when translating instructions. Instructions on installation and operation usually contain a variety of drawings and specifications. A distinctive feature of translation of drawings is that it is necessary to accurately convey not only the content but also the form of the primary source. The customer receives a drawing with translated technical text in the same form as in the primary source. Therefore, we involve not only translators in translating drawings, but also makers-up or a specialist, who works in programs specialized for drawing: Autocad, Compass, NanoCad, etc. You can also get ready-to-use translated drawings on paper or in PDF format. Apart from having language skills, our translators, who translate drawings, also have engineering education. In some cases, an expert who has a good knowledge in a subject area is involved to offer advice and edit the translation if the drawings are related to some specific scientific and technical area. A common practice is to compile a glossary before starting the translation. The glossary is compiled and agreed with the customer. Moreover, all the names and wordings to be used in translating drawings and instructions are clarified. This helps to avoid mistakes in the translation and to take into account all the customer’s wishes.

Our technical translation agency located in Moscow, has extensive experience in technical translations. An example of our translation of drawings can be seen here. We guarantee that our services on translation of any technical document will be done with high quality and on time. We are ready to translate technical texts from/into all languages of the world. You can get a translated drawing on paper.

More information about the cost of translation of technical texts can be found here.

Examples of technical translation you can find here.