Medical translation

Translation of medical texts – is one of the most difficult kinds of translation work.

This is due to several factors (reasons). Selection of translators is one of such factors. This is quite a complicated process since the person translating the texts in this area must, above all, be competent in it, that is, he must know all the necessary medical terminologies. Of course, the big advantage is that the translator has a medical education.

The second factor consists of the complexity of the source text/document. It is one thing when translating instructions on medical devices or equipment, or instructions for use of a pharmacological drug, and quite another thing when translating medical reports or opinions, especially handwritten ones – in a handwriting of which employees of the medical field are known for. The cost of translation varies depending on this factor.

Moscow-based translation agency, Impression, has tremendous experience in the translation of medical texts. Our translators are experts selected after texts translated by them have passed a thorough quality check, who have been engaged in this activity for a long time. We translate medical texts of any level of complexity, ranging from medical diplomas and certificates, instructions for medicines and equipment to medical reports and opinions, supporting documents, medical research results, scientific papers and treatises on medicine and pharmacology. We also translate texts on veterinary medicine.

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