Medical translation

Translation of medical texts and documents is one of the most difficult kinds of translation work.

This is due to several reasons. First and foremost, recruitment of translators, which is quite a complicated process since medical translators must, above all, be competent in the field of medicine, that is, they must know all the necessary medical terminology. The majority of medical translator have medical education.

The second reason is the complexity of the source text/document. It is one thing when you need to translate manuals for medical devices or equipment, or patient information leaflets, and quite another thing when you need to translate medical reports or health certificates, especially if handwritten the way health care workers are fond of writing. This also determines the cost of translation.

We translate medical texts and documents from various languages. The most commonly requested medical translations are from English, German, French, Spanish, and Hebrew.

Our Translation Agency translates the following types of medical texts and documents:

  • Diplomas in Medicine

  • Certificates in Medicine

  • Medical reports

  • Health certificates

  • Patient records

  • Medical prescriptions и doctor's orders

  • Medical tests

  • Patient information leaflets

  • Manuals for medical devices

  • Technical specifications and brochures for medical equipment

This is just a short list of medical translations most commonly requested.

Impression translation agency has a tremendous experience in translation of medical texts and documents. We only employ translators that have successfully completed test translations and have long been engaged in professional translation of medical texts and documents. We translate medical texts of any level of complexity, ranging from diplomas and certificates in Medicine, patient information leaflets and manuals for medical devices and equipment to medical reports and health certificates, supporting documents, medical research results, academic papers and medical and pharmaceutical treatises.

We also translate texts on veterinary medicine.

Also, if you need a consecutive or simultaneous interpreter, say, at a scientific conference, an academic symposium, a workshop, when visiting a doctor, etc., our team will promptly select an interpreter that would meet all your requirements and demands.