Legal translation

Translation of legal texts and documents - is one of the most common kinds of translation work.

However, this does not mean that it is easy. The difficulty of legal translations lies in both the scope and content of the text/document. Each document requires a specific approach, because the construction and style of the text of documents of a company or enterprise are very different, for example, from a legal treatise or text of a court judgment, and this determines the cost of translation.

Moscow-based translation agency, Impression, has vast experience in translation of legal texts. Currently we work both with Russian and foreign companies. Our translators are experts selected only after rigorous assessment of the quality of translations made by them – experts who have long been engaged in this activity and have the appropriate legal education. We are aware that a translator’s legal competence will help select the right term and accurately translate all the wording of a document, while avoiding any inaccuracies and ambiguities.

We translate legal texts and documents of any complexity, such as founding documents of legal entities (a company’s Articles of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, various types of certificates), agreements, contracts, and various certificates, legal treatises, and business plans; court verdicts and rulings, laws, bills and resolutions, Powers of Attorney, consent, statement, etc.

In addition, our office has an extensive base of professionals, who specialize in consecutive and simultaneous translations. If you need an interpreter at business negotiations, meetings, symposia and conferences, both in Moscow and Moscow Oblast and in any other place in Russia, we will provide you with one that meets all your needs.

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