Apostille on notarial documents

Apostilization of notarial copies of documents is currently the most popular apostilization services in Russia. This is so because according to the Russian law, not every original document can be apostilled.

When traveling for studies, work, or a permanent residence, the competent authorities of that foreign country where you are travelling to may require you to affix an apostille seal/stamp on the originals or copies of such documents as birth certificate, marriage certificate, extract or copy of a Russian national passport or an international passport, extract from a house register or a certificate of registration, a personal income tax certificate or a proof of employment certificate or proof of student status, diploma, etc. For one reason or another, you cannot affix an apostille seal/stamp on the originals of these documents. Therefore, the only way of obtaining an apostille on such documents is to make a notarial copy from the document. In this case, an apostille seal/stamp authenticates the notary’s signature and seal/stamp.

It is also often required to affix an apostille on notarial copies of constituent documents (Articles of Association, tax reference number certificate, certificate of tax registration, extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, different confirmatory documents) when using these documents abroad (for member-countries of the Hague Convention of 1961). Under the Russian law, an apostille seal/stamp cannot be affixed on the originals of such documents.

In addition, an apostille is affixed on documents issued directly by notaries. It may be a written consent of parents, a Power of Attorney, a statement, a contract or agreement, a certificate of inheritance, an ownership certificate, etc.

An apostille is affixed on notarial documents on territorial principle – notarial documents are apostilled at the notary’s location. For example, notarial documents issued by Moscow-based notaries are apostilled in Moscow, while those issued by notaries located in Moscow Oblast are apostilled at the Main Directorate of Justice, Moscow Oblast.

Moscow-based translation agency, Impression, offers services on apostilization of notarial documents issued by notaries located in Moscow, Moscow Oblast, as well as notaries in some regions of Russia and Ukraine.

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