Apostille on academic documents issued in Russia

The Federal Law #293-FZ of November 8, 2010 On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation in Connection with Improvement of Control and Supervisory Functions and Optimization of the Delivery of Government Services in the Field of Education, came into force on January 1, 2011. Under this law, an apostille can only be affixed on academic documents (testimonials, diplomas, academic transcripts) under the so-called territorial principle. This means that it is now possible to affix an apostille at the Office or Department of Education of that province or territory where the document to be apostilled was issued, as well as at any Russian Department at the location of the owner of that document.

By affixing an apostille on an original Russian passport, academic transcripts, or diplomas, you thereby authenticate your document. Since during apostilization of such documents, the sheets of testimonials, diplomas, and academic transcripts are examined, the originality of the stamp/seal of educational institutions, the authenticity of the signature of the person authorized to sign such documents (director or rector), and whether the document was actually issued to the person named in it are all verified. In this regard, an apostilization procedure takes at least 55 days.

Moscow-based translation agency, Impression, offers services on apostilization of the original copies of state-recognized testimonials, diplomas, academic transcripts, and attestations issued in Moscow and Moscow Oblast, as well as throughout the Russian Federation.

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