Legalization for Egypt

Legalization for Egypt

Consular legalization of documents for Egypt today is one of the most demanded services in our company. Egypt is a country of the rising sun where summer rains all year round. Thanks to its climate and a large number of unique architectural monuments the country draws plenty of tourists from around the world, but now vacation is not the one popular; a lot of people go for work or study and some even for permanent residence. And that will require, respectively, the legalization of certain documents, from birth and marriage certificates ad certificates of good conduct to the commercial documents (articles of incorporation, certificates, statements, consignment notes, commercial invoices, balance sheets, contracts, etc.).

The process of legalization of documents is quite complicated thus it is necessary to pass several instances in the Russian Federation and the documents should be made out properly; it is worth to appeal to those involved professionally as not to get a waiver in an authority undertaking one of the legalization steps and not to lose the precious time.

One of the requirements of the Consulate of Egypt in Moscow to legalized documents is a written translation of their contents in the Arabic language, certified by a notary in the territory of the Russian Federation.

The size of the consular fee for the legalization of a single personal document or a commercial document may vary depending on the number of official seals assured.

It is possible to learn more information on the legalization of your documents by consulting our experts on the phone numbers listed in Contact us section or in our office.